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We bring top performing technologies to North American Growers


Knowledge - Experience - Access

We provide the required Knowledge, Experience & Access to sell European advanced sustainable Ag solutions/technologies in North America.

During these last years we have learned in depth about the market, the role of each stakeholder, the decision-making process and the sales cycle. As well, we have listened about which would be the right and most efficient process to introduce a solution in the market and meet ambitious sales goals. 

Having performed more than 70 trials in USA with universities, farmers and distributors during this time, now we are looking for those solutions/technologies that outperform competitors and traditional inputs when comparing them with the farmer´s best practices.

With an excellent track record in sales and operations, ADVANCED AG´s expertise is the best option for those European companies that seek to sell their advanced solutions/technologies in the largest market,  North America.

We work with highly recognized US AG universities in different States




We have clients: access to more than 150K Acres

We are a trusted and reliable provider

We know what the growers are looking for and their needs

We have access to local Ag retailers & distributors

We understand the process - Sales & Operations

We know where and what to search for

We are small and flexible. We can adapt faster and better

We can accelerate the sales process

We conduct business in North America

We work with all crops

We can build a top pro Ag team, as required

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Jesús Valencia - Director Advanced Agronomics

B.S. in Agronomy from Fresno State University, California , and PCA (Pest Control Adviser License) and PAL (Pesticide Applicator License). More than 30 years of field experience in multiple crops centered in California, with experience in countries all around the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Egypt and China, to name a few, as well as I have participated in some USAID programs.

Worked in UC Davis as field extension advisor for more than 15 years and hold different business development, advisor research and sales roles in different highly recognized Ag companies, such as ButtonWillow, Yara, NutriAg, ICL and Driscoll´s.

Mayra Soler - Agronomics consultant

Commercial agronomist and field technician with more than 17 years of experience. Biological, ecological and conventional crop management, experience in multiple crops. Work carried out at national and international level.

USA experience in a great variety of crops and States, working with farmers, advisors, agronomists and universities such as University of Florida (Department of Pathology), UC Davis(Department of Nemathology), University of Georgia (Golf Courses), University of Maryland (Department of Pathology).

Coordination and supervision of agronomics in other countries such as China, Turkia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Vietnam, Morroco, Portugal and South Africa

German Loperena - Business Development, Operations & Sales 

Aerospace Engineer and MBA with a broad experience in international sales and business development. Partner at the European American Enterprise Council. He provides a trusted network of farmers, retailers, universities and investors.

K. Anderson - Agronomics & Trials

Independent Agronomist based in Fresno, CA. She holds several licenses and certifications including the PCA, CCA SSp and PAg, PCB, QAL. She will provide the agronomics support, as per project basis.

Sebastien Torre - Sourcing & Technology

President at the European American Enterprise Council, represents the EEN network and the Enrich project in USA. He provides access to innovation and technology in all European regions. Based in San Francisco.


Walter K. - Industry relations

Former Secretary of Agriculture of Delaware. Nuffield International Farming Scholars President in USA.

J. Cooper - Institutional relations

Former Executive Director of the California CWC

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Sourcing - Buy Side / Selling - Sell Side

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