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We are continuously looking for sustainable solutions/technology providers. Providers that have proven that their solutions/technologies are top performers and significantly impact their clients´ business. 

Some of the solutions/technologies that we think have a good fit in USA and that we search for:

  • Advanced liquid fertilizers - Bio-stimulants / Plant enhancers
  • Self defense inducers - Plant health and protection

  • Crop/Soil deficit correctors - Iron, Salinity, etc

  • Robotics - Drones / Unmanned equipment

  • Advanced Water/Irrigation management systems

  • Precision and predictive agriculture systems

  • Big data and artificial intelligence 

Our business proposal to you

We believe that each solution/technology provider is unique. Because each venture is different, we adapt our business proposition to you.

The more we know about your business and your solutions, the better. Please, help us to know you better by checking those that apply:

  1. I sell high value added solutions/technologies

  2. I have engaged with recognized US universities

  3. USA is not a key market for my business

  4. I have a permanent local representation or support based in USA

  5. I think that the USA Ag market is one of the largest of the world

  6. My solutions are backed by reliable data and documentation from USA

  7. I already have a distributor in USA that exceeds my expectations

  8. I have performed local trials/pilots in USA

  9. My sales in the USA market are more than 25% of my total revenues

  10. My solutions require local expert technical support

  11. I have my products/solutions registered/certified (if needed) in USA

  12. My solution/technology provides significant benefits to the farmer

Send us the numbers that apply to you, so we can consider your solution/technology.

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