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The United States market is of great interest due to the characteristics and opportunities it offers to the agrobio sector: The largest exporter of agricultural products and the largest buyer of inputs, technology and equipment in the world. More than 2 million farms and more than 350 million hectares. International buyers of products grown in North America are increasingly demanding sustainable and residue-free practices, and North American producers are beginning to demand them. US farmers are beginning to look for new sustainable solutions / technologies, where in some cases Europe is more developed, as in biostimulants or defense inducers, to give two examples. Advanced residue-free fertilizers, from plant extract, that increase production, resolve plant deficiencies or improve color or sugar levels, such as self-defense inducers that help to better protect crops, helping to rationalize the use of fungicides, They are good examples of a new market with a very high growth potential in the US, and hitherto unknown in that country. Thus, this webinar will offer a vision of internationalization opportunities in the US, from the point of view of supply, demand and technological collaboration.

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