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How can I join the project?

  1. Register - Contact

  2. Sign NDA - All information is confidential

  3. Payment of 75% of the project

  4. Perform detailed Interview to explain in detail the company´s range of solutions, supporting documentation, competitive advantages and key functionalities

  5. Selection of a maximum of 5 solutions/products per company for prospecting

  6. Send detailed information (technical and sales) to Advanced Ag


How is the prospecting work plan in the US?


  1. Interaction with different farmers, in different areas and with different crops, to learn:

    1. Crop / harvest times

    2. What are your main problems and challenges related to crops (in soil, plant, etc.) or other issues

    3. Farmer´s knowledge level of advanced solutions/technologies

    4. Which and why of the introduced solutions would have a better fit

    5. Availability for testing (and calendar)

    6. Main suppliers (manufacturers and distributors)

    7. Purchasing process and planning

  2. Interaction with Universities and Extensions

    1. Know which solutions arise most interested in

    2. Availability for testing/pilot in 2021

  3. Interaction with experts, agronomists and distributors

    1. Know which solutions they are most interested in

    2. Availability of trials/testing/pilots for 2021


What does the report provide you with?

  1. Conclusions:

    1. Which are the products that have the best entry potential in the US?

    2. What are the recommended crops in the US that best fit your entry strategy

    3. Geographical areas

    4. Trial availability

  2. Recommended entry plan in the US

  3. Payment of the remaining 25% of the project


Duration: 4 months - The most appropriate would be to start before September 15, 2020, to have the reports completed and submitted before January 30, 2021, and so that each company can take advantage of the 2021 season if they consider it to be so.


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